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Newly designed neighborhoods foster a sense of community you will not often see in older areas. Home-owners in new neighborhoods are encouraged by their common bond of new home ownership, to improving and maintaining their properties.

City planners map out new neighborhoods very carefully, bringing many years of analysis and experience to the table. New sub-divisions are architecturally controlled. The exterior design and colors of the houses, interior floor plans, widths of the roads, facilities provided, and extras such as ponds, parks, walking trails, schools, playground areas, are all taken into account to ensure a comfortable and safe quality of living for you and your family. It is no wonder that new neighborhoods are flourishing all over Canada!

With the help of flexible financing, most purchasers are surprised to discover that they too, can afford a home in a new neighborhood. Before you start to shop and compare, take a look at our Rent versus Own Calculator or our Mortgage Calculator - then you will know exactly how much you actually can afford to invest in a new home.

Here are some of the fundamental points you should consider when you are in the process of deciding exactly where you want to live:
  • Access & proximity to place of employment, schools, shopping, public, transportation, places of worship and other things that you feel may have an impact on the quality of your life-style.
  • Essential services should be accessible, i.e. post-office, dentist and doctor offices, restaurants, etc.
  • Proximity to parks and recreations facilities is important, especially if you have children or pets.
  • The quality of day-care centers and schools - both primary and high school. (visit the schools and ask about the student to teacher ratio and ask what other facilities are afforded to their students)
  • Above all - look for a friendly neighborhood that feels welcoming to you and your family.

TIP: It is a good idea to take a drive through the community you have chosen during different times during the day and at night. Spend time in the local restaurants and if possible, talk to the local residents to get a feel of the neighborhood.

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