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There are many steps involved in building your first home. The following details some of the considerations that you should take into account throughout the building process.

Choosing Design & layout: Does the floor plan flow nicely? Is there plenty of storage and closet space for your needs? Does the house look good from the street? Will you be comfortable moving about and living in this space? Will this space accommodate your principal pieces of furniture nicely?

Quality of construction: Are the doors, windows, carpets, cabinets and plumbing fixtures of good quality? Does the builder use name-brand products? Do they offer you an inspection process that lets you see your homes' progress every step of the way?

Personalization: How many choices will you have, and exactly which items can you choose to personalize your home? Do you feel the builder is dictating what goes into your home? Does the builder have a show home staffed with knowledgeable people to advise and guide you if you choose? Does the builder make selections and include them in the price of the house or are some items considered "extras" and therefore an extra charge to you? Would you prefer a low-base price and then decide which options you are willing to pay for?

Financing: Does the builder help in arranging financing through reputable financial institutions with options that are right for you?

See within your heart: It may be helpful to make a detailed list of you and your family's needs and wants in a new home, before meeting with a builder. Having come so far, explore and see features in other homes that you like or dislike. This is not the time to make emotional decisions, try to be very specific.

Hand in hand with you every step of the way: If you've made the decision to buy a quality built new home from Silver Crest Homes, you've become part of our family. As you move forward through each phase of the building process, our home team will work side-by-side with you to make sure you understand and are prepared for each step of new home ownership. This is a wonderful and exciting time and it is our absolute commitment to offer you the best, quality service. We will make sure you get the home you want and absolutely the way you want it!

Funding the right house: Once you have decided on a Silver Crest Homes sub-division, it is time to select your home site, house model and floor plan. A sales consultant will assist you in choosing a lot or will discuss future lot availability. At this time, the sales consultant can also pre-qualify you for your mortgage loan. This is extremely helpful in determining how much you can afford!

Completing your Purchase Agreement: An appointment, lasting between 2-3 hours with one of our sales consultants, will be arranged. You will need to bring a check and the following documents:
  1. Current job letter from your employer.
  2. Last two months pay-stubs.
  3. Last 2 months bank statements.

The mortgage brokers can help you get into a brand new home with many financing options available to you.

The home building process consists of numerous details and we encourage you to ask questions along the way. It is our policy to keep you informed and aware of all phases of the construction of your home and the mechanics of home building. By paying close attention to details, you will become a well-informed purchaser. Throughout the construction of your home you will hear from your sale consultant on a regular basis so you will always know what is happening. At a certain stage, a Silver Crest Homes designer will contact you to arrange an appointment to meet at our Studio, where you can pick out your personalized options. We encourage you to browse the decor options at the Studio, prior to your final appointment with our designer. If you wish, a designer will assist you in choosing items such as carpets, paint colors, light fixtures, tiles, counter-tops, cabinets, etc.

Creating the perfect home: There are two steps to using the Silver Crest Homes Design Studio. First, because of all the wonderful choices available, you will want to begin by browsing through all our samples as soon as possible. Although it may take several visits to determine exactly which options you desire, your ideas will assist us in designing your new home to your personal taste and preferences.

The second step is the "finalization appointment", which lasts approximately 2 - 3 hours. This is your final opportunity to choose all your options. The Construction Manager and a sales consultant will review the blueprints of your floor plan with you and at this time will also review and discuss the options you have chosen for your home. They will also address any questions or concerns you may have before moving forward. During course of construction, you new home will receive a series of quality checks by our quality control department as well as other, independent inspectors.

Financing - Your Approved!! Approximately 15 days have lapsed since you filled in the Purchase Agreement. At this point you should have gone from "Pre-Qualification" to the final Mortgage Loan Approval for your new home. (please note that this mortgage loan amount will reflect any changes in your financial profile)

Building your Dream Home: The Building Superintendent will have a pre-construction meeting with you and will provide you with details as to what you can expect during each phase of building. He will answer all your questions and review any available options with you.

Dream Home takes shape: Your home has now been framed and is ready for the drywall stage. Heating, plumbing and electrical have already been roughed-in. Its time again, for you to take a tour of the building site. Like the pre-construction meeting, this inspection will take approximately one hour and most purchasers find this tour extremely interesting and educational. Of course, safety precautions have to be followed by the purchases as well as our staff during the inspection.

Finishing Touches: Your new home is almost finished! This is now the time to do the following:
  • At this stage, normally your date of possession is within 15-30 days from now so arrange to have your utilities hooked-up and in your name.
  • Contact your lawyer and sign the documentation.
  • Contact your mortgage broker and inform him of your date of occupancy.
  • Obtain Home Owners Insurance

Pre-Possession Inspection: Our sales consultant will take you through the house and will then schedule your "orientation" appointment. Home- buyers are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible at this time. We will promptly inform you if this walk-through orientation will have to be re-scheduled for any reason.

Getting to know your home: The walk-through "orientation" will take 2-3 hours and for reasons of safety, we prefer to limit this to adults only and request that children do not visit the construction site. At this meeting, you will be expected to sign the New Home Warranty Programs' "Certificate of Possession" which will then be forwarded to the lawyers.

Signing the Closing Papers: Your lawyer will ask you to bring a certified cheque or sum of money, being the balance of the payment to be made to finalize your purchase. Set aside approximately one hour for this meeting, which will take place 7-8 working days prior to the day you actually move into your new home.

Welcome Home !! - You get the Keys!! You have probably already been calling it your "home" for months now, but today is the day when it actually becomes yours! Once the closing process has been completed, and your mortgage loan is funded, the title to the house is finally transferred into your name. Congratulations!! You are now the proud owner of a new Silver Crest Home!!

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